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Why You Need More Nights On Your Disneyland Vacation

There is an age-old debate when visitors plan a trip to Disneyland: how many days do you need? While this is a worthy question to ponder, don't overlook an equally important question: how many nights do you need? Why might you want to schedule more nights at the theme parks than expected? Here are five of the most important reasons.

1. Closing Hours Vary

No one wants to come to Disneyland only to discover that their day is cut short by an early closing time. But this does happen, especially in the off-season. You could see your visit to one park cut as short as 8:00 or 9:00 pm. Not only does this cut into your fun time, but it limits how much of the nighttime vibe you get. Make sure you have more options on other days. 

2. There Are a Lot of Shows

Don't underestimate how much there is to see. In addition to rides, food, and characters, there are shows at set times each day. Some of these will invariably overlap. But nighttime shows are particularly challenging to schedule. While daytime shows happen multiple times, you may only have one shot at spectaculars designed to cap off the visitor's day.

3. Crowds Will Head Home

The late evening is a great time to hop in shorter lines as crowds start to depart. In most theme parks that have a big nighttime show, its end signals crowds to start exiting. If you have the evening free, you get to buck that trend and head to the shorter lines. You can also take in later events which are often more sparsely attended than earlier versions. 

4. You Need a Break

Rope-dropping first thing in the morning isn't for everyone. And it may not be something you want to (or can) do every day of your Disney vacation. Having evenings available gives your family options. You can take a much-needed break or sleep in without worrying that you're missing your vacation. 

5. California Is Hot

Summer vacationers may not be prepared for the beating California sun. While you will have to power through some hot days to do everything you want, the evenings are a welcome respite. Plan a strategy that minimizes standing outside in lines during the heat of the day, instead enjoying cool restaurants and shows. Then, hit the outdoor areas when the sun goes down. 

Where to Start

Clearly, the nighttime is an important part of maximizing and enjoying your theme park vacation. Find out how to take advantage of them by meeting with a Disneyland vacation planning service today.